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Products & Services for Clubs

Member Experience

Members join the Club for different reasons, but they all stay for the same thing - personal relevancy. it is up to the Club to know what it takes to provide a Member Experience that is relevant to every member.

First things first, get to know what the Member wants or needs from the Club. The results will allow the department heads to create programs that are relevant to the varied groups of like-minded individuals, which in turn generates incremental member usage / revenue and helps to retain dues--paying members longer.

Prevo Health Solutions' Member Interest Survey & Report can help you to better understand your members and the initial report suggests specific programs to meet the needs of each of the member populations based on their respective interests.

How can wellness help improve the member experience?

When we speak of wellness we are referring primarily to programs that involve nutrition or exercise (includes physical and massage therapy). While many clubs are proud to have 30 percent of the members using the fitness center, we see an opportunity to reach the other 70 percent with activities that are relevant to the member. For example, start a walking, biking, hiking or weight-loss club that engages the non-gym user or try offering golf conditioning classes that improves stamina, endurance, strength and balance to help the member get ten more yards off the tee. These programs create personal relevancy while improving member usage and retention.   

Do you have a defined wellness strategy to be relevant or do you just keep trying things to see what works?

Prevo offers a Turnkey Wellness Program that includes onsite wellness programs, fitness programs, events, classes, workshops, lunch n learns, health fairs, challenges, incentives, health coaching, nutritional counseling, healthy menus and online health management tools.

To schedule a demo or to speak with a Wellness Specialist, call 888-321-1804 or click here.

Retention, Usage and Recruitment

Do you really know what your members want?

If you are like most private clubs, you know your core members by name, you know their kids names, favorite cocktail and the way they like their steak prepared. The Fitness department knows how often they work out and the golf pro knows how far he hits his drive. These core members are the lifeblood of the Club.


Wellness Portal

Are you still managing programs, challenges and events with a spreadsheet?

With the right tools in place, wellness programs for your members can be very simple to execute and profitable for the club and your fitness, golf and tennis staff. Members that engage in wellness visit the club more often, are more active and spend more. Likewise, they are more likely to refer other members. Having the right tools will help to inspire and motivate members to stick with their program, whatever that may be.


Fitness & Recreation

Are you relevant to the non-frequent users?

Prevo Health can help the fitness department with member interest surveys, program development, challenges, wellness software and best-practices, but we can't help you to teach classes, provide personal training or any other onsite services. The following information and suggestions are as follows:


Onsite Wellness Programs

We play well with others

Prevo Health Solutions is headquartered in Southern California but we offer onsite wellness solutions nationwide, and in many cases, the onsite services are free. We can work with your broker and health plan to augment your current programs.

A partial listing of the onsite wellness programs we provide include;

  • Health Fairs
  • Health Coaches
  • Nutritionists
  • Speakers
  • Wellness Portal Training
  • Open Enrollment and other Broker Service


Programs, Incentives & Challenges

Incentives work

When it comes to Members, incentives are helpful but not critical in getting engagement and participation. Members are motivated to lose weight, look and feel better, keep up with the Jones's and for specific health conditions.


Food & Beverage

Chef's Rule....


Nutrition plays a big role in wellness and private clubs have a direct and immediate influence for both members and staff. If the chef is passionate about health, chances are good he/she will incorporate fresh, seasonal, organic, grass-fed, low fat whole foods in to every menu item whenever possible. Having nutritionists, health coaches and other experts available to the chef will increase member usage and revenues, some examples are as follows: