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Online Tools & HRA

You don't know what you don't know....

With the right tools in place, wellness programs can be very simple to execute. Prevo Health Solutions offers an online portal that is personalized and prescriptive with a dashboard that is intuitive and very user friendly. The portal includes:

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Prescriptive & Personalized To-Do lists
  • Meal Plans
  • Exercise Plans for all levels
  • Activity and Events Calendar
  • Rewards and Challenges
  • Health Coaching Module
  • Smart phone app.

First things first

Understand your employee populations risks, conditions and health status and have access to aggregate data from our NCQA Certified Health Risk Assessment (HRA). Do whatever it takes to get the employee to complete the HRA so you have the information to design programming that meets the needs of the segmented populations i.e.; nutrition, stress, smokers, diabetics etc.

Align your team

Next, form a wellness task-force comprised of the general manager, HR director, chef, f&b, fitness director and the communications manager. Hand-pick departmental wellness ambassadors to help employees learn how to use the online portal and smart phone apps. To maximize engagement you may need to offer an incentive, a challenge, education and some training. 


Offer incentive-based monthly challenges that involves earning points for reading an article, watching a video, logging food or activities, taking a survey, entering bio-metrics, logging weight loss and so forth. Make it fun, recognize and reward those that are making progress and support the challenge with inspirational text and email messages, take-home flyers, break room posters and recognition.

For a demonstration, or to learn more call 888-321-1804 or click here.