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Wellness Portal

Are you still managing programs, challenges and events with a spreadsheet?

With the right tools in place, wellness programs for your members can be very simple to execute and profitable for the club and your fitness, golf and tennis staff. Members that engage in wellness visit the club more often, are more active and spend more. Likewise, they are more likely to refer other members. Having the right tools will help to inspire and motivate members to stick with their program, whatever that may be.

Prevo Health Solutions offers an online portal that is personalized  and prescriptive with a dashboard that is intuitive and very user friendly. The portal includes:

  • Personal Goals & Profile
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Prescriptive & Personalized To-Do lists
  • Meal Plans
  • Exercise Plans for all levels
  • Activity and Events Calendar
  • Rewards and Challenges
  • Health Coaching Module
  • Smart phone app.

First things first

Understand your members' risks, conditions, health status and goals so you can design a custom fitness and nutrition program that meets their needs. Some members want to lose weight, others want to increase muscle while the vast number of seniors want to control their blood pressure or cholesterol levels. Other members want to hit the ball 20 yards further or be a little quicker to the ball on the tennis court.

Regardless of the members' goals, the fitness director, golf professional and tennis instructor should develop a plan to help the member. In most cases it starts with a health risk assessment so you have the information to design programming that meets their needs.


Members want to improve their health for a variety of reasons, but no matter the reason, wellness includes two basic ingredients: proper nutrition and exercise. What this means is the personal trainer, golf professional, tennis pro, massage therapist and nutritionist should meet regularly to develop meal plans, exercises and provide the support necessary to meet the needs of the member. To maximize engagement you may need to offer an incentive, a challenge, education and some training.


The Prevo wellness portal is comprehensive, integrated  prescriptive and personalized. The software is available for as little as $5.00  per member per month (PMPM) and can be private labeled for an additional fee.

For a demonstration, or to learn more call 888-321-1804 or click here.