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Retention, Usage and Recruitment

Do you really know what your members want?

If you are like most private clubs, you know your core members by name, you know their kids names, favorite cocktail and the way they like their steak prepared. The Fitness department knows how often they work out and the golf pro knows how far he hits his drive. These core members are the lifeblood of the Club.

But what about the non-frequent members, the ones that don't use the Fitness facility or play golf? What about the spouses and kids? Do they play golf, tennis or do the like to tap dance?

Chances are good that you develop programs based on core member feedback. But are you relevant with all members and their spouses and do you know if they are lapsing or at-risk of resigning?

Member Interest Survey

To fully understand what your members want, you may want to consider a Member Interest Survey where the goal is to find out more about their lifestyles, life stage and psychographics. In other words, find out what floats their boat.

The results may surprise you. The benefit of knowing what they want will help to develop programs to stay relevant with all the members, not just the core group. There are many spouses that would love to be in better shape, but they are not comfortable with working out in the gym. You may learn from the survey that they have always loved tap dancing.  BINGO.  Time to hire a tap dance instructor, invite the members that were tap dancers in high school and see what happens.

Member Index

In addition to knowing the members interests, you may want to look at member usage by department and by month to determine the core, lapsing and at-risk members.

Reward the most frequent users and contact the lapsing or at-risk members each month. If your club does not have the systems in place to provide this valuable data, we can help.

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