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Products & Services for Clubs

Prevo Health Solutions is proud to present our sponsors. Please read more to learn about their expertise in promoting healthy lifestyles.

  • Clubster
  • CTU Advisors
  • Myzone

Clubster is an interactive social networking platform designed specifically for the private club industry.  Clubster allows private clubs to communicate in real time with their members through computers, smartphones and tablets, building member loyalty, increasing revenue, and strengthening their brand image.  Members or "Clubsters" keep track of the latest club news, events, and activities while enjoying the benefits of social engagement and interaction with other members.;;

CTU Advisors: CTU Advisors is the exclusive provider of Club Member Index™ (CMI), a revolutionary method for measuring Member Engagement.  CMI is a tool to help Club Management understand their typical member and how they use their club.  CMI utilizes management information on all club use and expenditures for each individual member.  This allows you to clearly delineate:

  • Core members – active and most loyal customers
  • Lapsed members – waning customers who would use your club more frequently given opportunities from targeted programming
  • At risk members – inactive customers contemplating resignation

Each month, CTU Advisors provides short, tangible summary reports that include “Watch Lists” to track members having largest negative and positive club usage trends.  This real-time data provides Club Management Teams with the opportunity and time to be more proactive in retaining “at-risk” members.



Myzone: At its core, MYZONE tracks effort during exercise, caloric expenditure and heart rate of a member to utilize feedback and games to drive motivation around exercise adherence. It is through this engagement that clubs are building a more relevant relationship with their member. The system and associated data tracking are key to effective attraction, integration and retention of a motivated member base.